2017 Rubik’s Cube Speed Off

Congrats to the participants in the Fall 2017 Rubik’s Cube Competition!

The participants are as followed:

Place Name Time
1st Tommy Grissel 0:45.74
2nd Kegan Clayton 0:47.15
3rd Aiden Kozloski 0:52.49
4th Kalon Tompson 1:07.90
5th Conlan Ryan 1:11.72
Joey Sullivan 1:16.92
Sarah Krone 1:23.97
Anthony Ampey 1:28.24
Tyson Shock 1:30.59
Cooper Sanor 1:33.22


During International Games Week the library is going to have a Rubik’s Cube competition! Sign up in the library to reserve your time to test your speed against other students in the High School.