Library Hours

The Library is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 4:00 PM.

Meet the Staff!

Mr. Johnson, Teacher Librarian –
Hello as previously stated I am Mr. Johnson your new High School Librarian! I currently attend the University of Northern Iowa (Go Panthers!) to finish my second Masters degree in Library Studies.  When I’m not in the library I am in the media center or around the school helping trouble shoot technology issues.  Have a great year Lions, I’ll
see you soon in the library. 
P.S. keep an eye on the bulletin boards outside the media center for some of the cool activities we will be doing this year.
Mrs. Johnson, Media Associate – Information coming soon.
Mrs. Birdley, Library Associate – Information coming soon.
Library Policies
Students and teachers may check out books any time during the library’s open hours.  All teachers and administrators have extended checkout periods
for library materials.
Book Checkouts
English Classroom Sets – 3 weeks
Fiction / Nonfiction Books – 4 weeks
Reference – 3 days
If you have not finished the book by the time it is due, please bring it back in and renew the book.
Book Holds
If there is a book that you are interested that the library has but is not available, you can put a hold on the book. Please speak to the library staff about putting a hold on a library book. Once the book comes in we will deliver it to you.
Technology Checkout
Headphones, Kodak Sport digital camcorders, and Laptops – 1 day
Note that headphones may not leave the school grounds and laptops may not leave the library. 
Overdue / Damaged / Lost books
If a student has 3 or more overdue books they are unable to check out a book unless it is a book required by a class.  The library does not charge fines for late or overdue books but we do charge for lost or damaged books. Students need to be respectful not only of the books in the library as they are used by all students in the school but also other students who want to read the books. 
Library Expectations
  1. Please do not bring any food into the library or media center.
  2. Drinks are OK as long as you are not using a computer – we don’t want any spills on the computers.
  3. While we realize there is a certain amount of noise that happens with collaboration, please realize that there are other people working / studying in the library and pay attention to your volume level. The library is not the place to be if you are loud and disruptive of others.
  4. Make  sure to sign our guest book when you visit the library. This helps us show how much the library is used and for emergency purposes (like zombie attacks or a fire). 
  5. Unless you are a Junior or Senior on release time, you should have a pass to visit the library from your teacher. Please show the pass to a library staff member when you visit the library.
  6. Let us know what you think of the library. This is your library. If we can make our services better, or you have an idea, please tell one of the library staff members.

Important Library Documents