Current and Past events at the Linn-Mar Library!




Past Events – 2016



Black / African American History Month  – Come explore the library’s collection of influential, popular or inspirational African American authors.  Here is a list of some of the books in our collection.



Blind Date with a Book – Stop by the library and pick up a blind date (book).  The books are wrapped up with just a sentence or two about the book. Take the book home, unwrap it and read it (at least the first few chapters!). Fill out the “Rate My Date” card and return it to the library.  Was the book a One Night Stand or your True Love?



National Craft Month – The library is a great place to get your craft on! Do you want to know how to knit? We have that. How about making rings out of silver? Yes, that too. Stained Glass, basket making, paper-crafts and more! Come see how crafty you can be in your library. The library will also start to have coloring pages for those of you who want/need something to keep busy.  Limited amounts of crafting items will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis.




National Poetry Month! – Stop by the library / media center and help with our “Poet-Tree.” We have magazines for you to cut words out of and make refrigerator poetry with. We also have pages from old books to make Blackout Poetry! Our display of the month has a collection of poetry novels that the library has in it’s collection.



“May the Fourth Be With You!” Stop by the Media center and get your photo taken with a famous Star Wars persona or from an epic battle! We will have the green screen going so take a second and get a photo taken with your friends.  The library also has a large selection of Star Wars novels. Pick up a copy today!



Prom – In your quest to get ready for Prom, come visit the library and see how we can help you get ready for prom, or maybe just read some great books that focus on Prom and high school life.



Teen Tech Week – The library had activities all week long including Tech-Bingo, a Technology Scavenger Hunt, a TechExpo and a Game Night.