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Volunteering in the Library

Are you interested in volunteering at the Linn-Mar High School Library? Please visit the Linn-Mar Volunteering Website for more information.

Internet Safety

The folks at Common Sense Media have put together an excellent website to provide you as parents information on things your students may be doing online and how to help them stay safe.  The following links contain useful information.

Technology Addiction – Are today’s kids addicted to technology? Learn more about how to identify problematic media use, the downfalls of multitasking, finding balance, and what to do if you have serious concerns.

Cyberbullying, Haters, and Trolls  – Once kids go online, their chances of finding cyberbullies, haters, and trolls is, sadly, quite high. Find age-specific guidelines, videos, and articles to help with tough conversations — whether your kid is a bully or is being bullied. Common Sense Media will answer all your cyberbullying questions, offering age-appropriate advice, school resources, and more from parents and experts.

Privacy and Internet Safety To help kids maximize the Internet’s benefits — while minimizing the risks – Common Sense Media offers the latest research, tips, and tools on what really keeps kids safe. Which privacy settings should you use? What are the ins and outs of parental controls? Get tips on everything from the basics, such as smart usernames, to the big stuff, such as appropriate sharing.

Learning with Technology
Learning with technology, whether with a math app, a video how-to, or a wiki, opens up a new world of discovery for kids. And as they access information in novel ways, kids are preparing for life in a new interconnected, global world. Learn how to spot the good stuff, find the right products for your kids’ needs, and foster a love of learning.