Image resources for students

If you are looking for images to use in your classwork here are some great resources to use. Make sure that you check each image’s license to ensure that you are following the terms the author has set for the image.  These sites may not be filtered for what is school appropriate so if you see something that is not school appropriate please close it down.  If you are unable to find the license for an image or the terms found on the website for how you can use the image are not clear, your safest bet is to find a different image to use.  The below sites were checked for their licenses on 11/9/21.


Pixabay’s images are licensed under Public Domain (images before January 9th 2019) or a custom license (images on/after January 9th 2019).  The custom license is flexible in that it allows you full use as long as you aren’t taking credit for the image or reselling the image as is. Pixabay’s license is found here.


Pexels license.  Pexel has another custom license that states you can’t sell unmodified images or use the images to portray someone in the images negatively.

Public Domain Pictures

There is no site license / terms of use for Public Domain Pictures so check each image to make sure that it has a usable license.

Morgue File

Morgue File license.   Custom license. You cannot say you own the license and you can’t sell unmodified images.


When using photos from Flickr you need to make sure that you are searching using the Advanced Search. On the advanced search you will need to make sure that you click on “Any License”  and then select one of the listed license to change it to something different. Please make sure that SafeSearch is ON. 

When you find an image you can determine the image’s license by looking for this area on the image. If you hover or click on the link it will tell you the license that the image is released under.

Google Image Search

Google Image search is great to use as long as you are filtering the results by Creative Commons licenses. Once you have done a search in Google Image Search you will need to click on Tools > Usage Rights > Creative Commons license.  You will have to find the license for each image individually. Also be aware that this isn’t 100% full proof so if you can’t find the license for a particular image, error on the side of caution and use a different image.

Providing attribution / credit for your images

Any image you use you should properly attribute. Below is the information for crediting images that are licensed under Creative Commons, but it works equally well for any image you find that you can legally use. You can provide credit for the image you use below the image in the caption or at the bottom of the page on the footer, but the credit must be on the same page as the image.

Furggelen afterglow

Furggelen afterglow” by Lukas Schlagenhauf is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

This is an ideal attribution because it includes the:

Note that the license will change depending on the license for each individual image. You will need to make sure that you properly record the title, creator, source and license for each image.

How to give attribution” by is licensed under a CC-By License.