Book Reviews

Book reviews submitted by students

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Why should I write a book review?

  • Become a published author!
  • Writing experience looks great on college applications!
  • Good practice writing a brief, clear, persuasive paragraph.

How should I write a book review?

  • Read a library book.
  • As you read, make brief notes of what you might want to write about.
  • Consider who might be interested in this book.
  • Offer comparisons to other books you have read. Example: If you enjoy Jodie Picoult’s books, you might enjoy this book because…
  • Complete the Book Review form. You can either fill it out online, download and fill out the form, or hand write the form.
  • Return the completed form to Mr. Johnson via email or in person. Reviews can be handed in at the  Library circulation desk.

What should my book review include?

  • Reviews to the Library Website should be brief in length (under 150 words).
  • Body of the review should include:
    • Who is the main character?
    • What important events or themes are featured in the book?
    • Would you recommend this book to other students? Why or why not?
    • Your review should NOT reveal the ending of the book.
  • To qualify all entries must be:
    • Written in complete sentences.
    • The body of the review must include all of the information requested above.
    • Include the student’s name and email address.
    • Submitted to Mr. Johnson.