Tech Certification

Welcome to the Linn-Mar Tech Certification website. Through this website we will walk you through the steps to get certified in the Office suite and IC3 (core internet competency skills). Why should you get certified in any of these? Great question! Employers love to see that you are certified. Just saying you know how to use Excel, Word or PowerPoint pales in comparison to when you can show them that you have gone through a nationally recognized certification process.  It will also make your high school and college homework that much easier. Now instead of spending time looking up how to do something like a mail merge every time you need to know, you can learn how to do it correctly the first time.

Certification is broken down into 3 stages.

  1. Stage 1 – Practice Tutorials
    • Using Microsoft Imagine Academy you can go through video tutorials to learn how to use the software. It works very well to have two screens open. One showing the video and the other having the software open to practice on as you watch.
  2. Stage 2 – Practice Test
    • Once you feel comfortable with the software you will now take a practice test using the GMetrix website. You will need to score 85% or higher on the practice test for each of your certification areas before you can move on to take the actual certification exam.
  3. Stage 3 – Certification Exam
    • Now that you have passed the practice test at 85% or higher you can take the Certification Exam. The certification exam will be a proctored computer exam. You will not be allowed to use any notes.  Plan for around 70 minutes for an exam (this includes time to get signed in and start the test).   When you pass the test you will receive a printed copy of your certification.

Stage 1 – Getting Set Up

  • Open Internet Explorer, copy and past url in a new tab
  • Click Sign In
  • Choose Work or School Account
  • Select the Office 365 Account option, use your school email account and password
    • Your school email will be your login name and your password is the same that you use to log into the computer.\
  • Create your profile. Only fill in the *Required questions

Stage 1 – Software Practice

Below are the following software course options that you can add to your course list and complete the lessons. You do not need to complete every category before taking the practice test, but you should complete every course listed under that category.

For example you should complete both courses listed under Excel before taking the Excel Practice test.  You don’t have to go through Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc before taking the practice test.

  • Excel
    • Get Started with Microsoft Excel 2016
    • Microsoft Excel 2016
  • Word
    • Get Started with Microsoft Word 2016
    • Microsoft Word 2016
  • PowerPoint
    • Get Started with Microsoft PowerPoint 2016
    • Microsoft PowerPoint 2016
  • IC3
    • Digital Literacy: Computer Basics
    • Digital Literacy: Productivity Programs
    • Digital Literacy: The Internet, Cloud Services, and WWW
    • Digital Literacy: Computer Security and Privacy
  • Outlook
    • Get Started with Microsoft Outlook 2016
  • Access
    • Get Started with Microsoft Access 2016

Stage 2 – Practice Exam

  • Open the GMetrix Skills Management System application from the computer desktop
  • Create an account with GMetrix using your school email and school password
  • Complete the User Registration
    • Use your school email and password
  • Go to the library and ask for a Redeem code
    • You will only be given a Redeem code if you use your school email and password.
  • Enter the Redeem code
  • Begin Practice Session of your choice

When you score an 85% or higher on the practice session, you are ready to attempt the certification.

Stage 3 – MOS Certification

Once you have passed a practice test at 85% or higher, you are ready to take a certification test.

  • Excel
  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • Access
  • IC3

Contact Brain Johnson, the Media Specialist, indicate what test you would like to take and set up a testing time. You may take the test before school, during school, or after school. Plan for at least 70 minutes for the test (to get signed in and start test)

You will take the test on one of the school computers. If you pass you will receive a printed copy of your Certificate.