Technology PD

Cost: Some of these sites are free to browse and others charge a fee for graduate credit (Grad) and/or license renewal credit (LR). Remember to send your requests to HR before the class starts for course approval.

Credit: Some courses offer Graduate Credit (Grad) or License Renewal Credit (LR). Certificates are ones you will print off the website. They will not affect your lane or license renewal.

Availability: Limited availability means that the course selection changes and the courses have a set time frame for completion. Unlimited means that the courses should always be available.


 Name / URL




Microsoft Imagine Academy (sign up with Brian or Dana) Free Certificate Unlimited
AEA PD Online $$$ Grad / LR Limited
Coursera Free Certificate Limited (log in using Metro Library Card) Free Certificate Unlimited
Atomic Learning (LM Database Login) Free No Unlimited
Google Free/$$$ Certificate
(if paid)
Grant Wood AEA $$$ Grad / LR Limited
Professional Learning Board catalog $$$ Grad / LR Limited
ISEA  $$$ Grad / LR Limited
Safe Schools Academy $$$ Grad / LR Limited

 Creating Video session notes

PC Shortcuts, Hints & Tips session notes