Quiz & Polling

What are quiz and polling tools?

Whether assessing student achievement or gathering information to help evaluate your program and services, information is power. What was once relegated to pencil and paper can now be done easily online with free and easy to use online quiz and polling tools.

Online quiz tools let you, your teachers and your students create multiple choice, matching, short answer, and other question formats for students to assess their own abilities to master the information or for you to see what students have learned and what needs to be reviewed and taught in a different way.

Online polling tools help you gather opinions, collect votes, and see and share results immediately.

School Uses

Teachers and students can use online quiz and polling tools to:

  • survey teachers about technology needs
  • survey teachers about staff development topics
  • survey parents for input on a school improvement plan
  • survey students to assess interest in topics and titles
  • help teachers set up polls
  • help students design and implement polls to gather data for projects
  • gather input from staff
  • determine what and why students read
  • survey students on Internet usage
  • survey administrators about library media programs, policies and procedures
  • assess collection needs
  • determine user satisfaction and areas for improvement
  • evaluate collaborative planning sessions
  • evaluate effectiveness of lessons
  • evaluate effectiveness of staff development sessions
  • evaluate effectiveness of author visits, teleconferences, guest speakers, special events
  • evaluate impact and quality of bookfairs
  • evaluate use of online databases
  • evaluate web page content and usability
  • collect student evaluations of titles
  • gather data for action research
  • help students review materials before tests
  • provide online self-directed learning games and activities
  • teach students about online polls for gathering data
  • strengthen students’ vocabulary
  • gauge knowledge, use and proficiency of teachers’ skills in technology and information literacy
  • administer quizzes to students
  • create “word of the day” quizzes
  • collect votes for library assistants club officers
  • collect votes for state reading program titles, children’s choice, etc.
  • conduct straw polls for elections–national, state, local
  • collect opinions from colleagues on titles, jobbers, publishers, etc.
  • collect votes for anything
  • help with student council elections
  • review information skills
  • provide independent skill activities for use in the classroom, at home, or in the library media center
  • conduct elections for state and/or local professional associations’ officers and board members
  • compare perceptions of services and programs by different groups–students, parents, teachers, administrators
  • gather data for monthly and annual reports
  • gathering data to guide evidence driven practices
  • provide content review and skill assessment activities
  • identify a student’s strengths and weaknesses
  • provide information and resources
  • provide practice, simulations, and other learning activities
  • provide drill and practice to establish lower order thinking skills in order to build on those with higher order thinking skills


Five to Test Drive

The five most popular quiz and/or polling tools are:

Quiz Tools

Polling/Survey Tools

  • SurveyMonkey Select from over a dozen types of questions (multiple choice, rating scales, drop-down menus, and more..). Options allow you to require answers to any question, control the flow with custom skip logic, and even randomize answer choices to eliminate bias. Distribute survey or poll via email or your own website.
  • Easy-Poll Free surveys and polls for your webpage, wiki, or blog. Choose your colors and style. No ads.
  • PollDaddy Free flash poll widget for blogs and websites
  • Poll Everywhere (fee-based) is a Web based polling service that allows users to submit votes via SMS, the web, and Twitter. Results can be instantly integrated into Powerpoint.
  • Quizpoo Create this or that quizzes.

Note: Schools also report using built-in survey and quiz tools in WebCT, Blackboard and Moodle, online course development and delivery tools and with their interactive whiteboards.

More to Explore

Surveys & Polls

  • 99polls
  • Advanced Survey
  • All Rankings Create a list and let others rank the items on it. You can also participate in the public ranking polls.
  • AnswerGarden allows short answers to a single question and creates a word cloud of the top 25 words submitted. Easy to create and embed. See the feedback page in this wiki for an example.
  • AskItOnline
  • BlogPoll Custom polling tool for your website
  • Buzz Dash is a free polling service that allows anyone to create a poll to use on any blog or website. Updates are showin immediately.
  • ClassTools.net
  • Cool Surveys
  • Decide Already uses the web to propose a question and get input from users to help make a decision of any kind.
  • Doodle can be used to poll people about preferences: where to meet, what topics are of interest, etc.
  • Epic Decide Easy to use polling tool or group decision maker…can use images! (Which logo is best, etc.)
  • Fluid Surveys is a good tool for quickly creating surveys that offer multiple response formats. Many free survey programs only allow one type of response format, multiple choice or text. Fluid Surveys allows you to combine both formats in one survey.
  • Flisti is a new and extremely easy application that lets you create a very simple poll. No registration is required, and you can post the link to the poll on a teacher/student website/blog, or embed it there.
  • Fo.reca.st allows you to design online surveys, collect responses from the visitors of your blog or website, analyze them and finally present the survey results – all using only your web browser and for free. Add sound, images, or video to your polls/surveys; has a variety of ways to see your results; and many different formats to show your survey.
  • The Free Site
  • Free Website Polls
  • Get Polling is a tool you can use to create free web-based polls. You can also embed the polls in your classroom websites using the generated HTML code.
  • Google Forms – from Google (of course). Easy to create. Answers go directly to a spreadsheet.
  • GoToPoll
  • HotPotatoes (download software, online activites)
  • JotForm is a free versatile online form creator. Create surveys, polls, anything. WYSIWYG. Tutorial available at the stie, too.
  • Kuizza allows you to easily create quizzes and share them with others. You can also use it as a tool to garner student feedback around a given topic.
  • KwikSurveyFree tools for creating and analyzing web-based surveys. No advertising. No limits. Embeddable. Many great features, and YES! Free.
  • KwiqPoll Easy to use polling tool.
  • MicroPoll Ask multiple questions, and people taking the poll can provide multiple answers.Unlimited number of polls and questions.
  • Obsurvey Quick and easy way to collect data online. Includes skip logic, formatting, and other nice features. You can reuse the same poll with multiple audiences.
  • Poll Code allows you to create your own free polls and you can customize them the way you want without having to sign up.
  • PollJunkie Create a good looking poll or survey with different types of questions. No registration required.
  • PollMo Easiest to use poll creator I’ve seen. Type your question and possible answers. Done.
  • ProProfs Quiz School>
  • Poll Builder
  • QuizSnack QuizSnack is an to use online poll & survey tool, allowing you to create polls and questionnaires without having to learn complicated software. Also, the reporting is very simple and straightforward, with results being displayed in real-time.
  • Riddle Can be used for quizzes, polls, lists, and feedback on articles. Very visual. Let’s you search for images within the tool AND provides credit. This poll was created in Riddle.
  • Sis webs another basic web tool for creating polls. All you do is fill in the boxes and you are go to go. No registration needed.
  • SnapPoll
  • While not exactly a polling tool Spotback could be used that way. It offers a variety of “ratings” tools: sliders, stars and user-customized enhancements that allow users to rate anything while you collect fee ratings on one central site. Rating can be public or private.
  • Soorvey
  • Statpac is a pretty basic tool that you can use to instantly create unlimited polls and get unlimited responses. You can embed the HTML code of the poll you created into your classroom blog and let your students share their responses.
  • StellarSurvey offers 25 types of questions, to choose from, including all new Star Rating and Image question types
  • Survey Gizmo
  • SurveyGold
  • SurveyMapper a polling tool that also shows real-time mapping…where did the votes come from?
  • Survey Planet Unlimited surveys, questions, and responses and many templates from which to choose
  • Survey Popups
  • Survey Scholar
  • Survey Methods
  • Survmetrics Design and deliver surveys on any device. Customize your surveys with over 150+ themes. Customize questions by changing colors, backgrounds, fonts or embedding videos from YouTube and Vimeo. Add skip logic to your survey.
  • Survs
  • Toluna
  • Tricider Ask a question. Brainstorm. Vote.
  • TypeForm surveys leverage the beauty of modern website design by focusing on clean and simple. The survey creation process is straightforward and quick to grasp. The surveys are highly visual.
  • Urtak is a free and simple polling service that can be used on any blog or website. The polls you create can have multiple questions, but they must be “yes or no” questions.
  • Vorbeo is a free service for creating polls for your blog or website.
  • Visu Create polls, track current results of polls you’ve voted in, get email alerts for your favorite topics, and much more…
  • WUFOO a free web based survey tool
  • YacaPaca Create, share, modify polls and quizzes.
  • Using Yarp you can create a simple one question survey or one line event invitation
  • Vorbeo is a free service for creating polls for your blog or website. Type your question, enter your answer choices, select a background color, and specify the width of your polling widget.
  • Zoho Polls
  • Zoomerang


Online Review Activities & Quizzes

  • Blubbr Create interactive quizzes that are based on YouTube clips. Your quizzes can be about anything of your choosing. The structure of the quizzes has a viewer watch a short clip then answer a multiple choice question about the clip. Viewers know right away if they chose the correct answer or not. (Free Tech for Teachers)
  • BookWidgets includes 30+ widget types that you can choose from to review content and check student progress. Customize them with your own content in a few clicks, using our powerful – yet simple – widget builder tool.
  • BrainFlip Make and share flashcards to help students review information. Three modes available: see question and answer side-by-side, see question but not answer (like traditional flash cards), fill in the answer.
  • ClassMarker Quiz generator with some nice options like setting time limits, randomizing the questions, and having results emailed to you
  • ClassTools.netoffers a variety of tools but includes several different game templates that you can use, such as Post It and the Dustbin game. Games can be saved and linked to, or embedded.
  • CoboCards Online flashcards – for your smartphone, too!
  • Content Generator provides templates that allow anyone to generate their own e-Learning quizzes, games and applications through their custom software.
  • Create Your Own Word Scrambleallows you to create Word Scramble puzzles using your words and share with others, too.
  • Create Your Own Word Search Puzzle from your vocabulary words and share with others or use one someone else has created
  • Crossword Puzzle Maker lets you create a simple crossword puzzle from your vocabulary words
  • Discovery Education Puzzle Maker
  • Discovery Quiz Center
  • EasyTestMaker you can create multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, short answer and true and false questions all on the same test. You can also insert instructions and divide your test into multiple sections. Generate alternate versions, too.
  • Edisco Online flashcard creator. Import them. Export them. Keeps statistics for you.
  • EQuiz Show Create a Jeopardy-like game or find one that someone else has created.
  • eQuizzer
  • ESLVideo Quiz Builder Create quizzes for free videos from YouTube, Google Video, blip.tv, and other video hosting websites or use quizzes designed by others. (Designed for ESL students, but useful for all)
  • Fifty Sneakers Create, Store, and Print worksheets, studysheets, exams and quizzes online.
  • FlipQuiz Game style quiz maker for teachers. Although the board looks like Jeopardy, students do not have to answer in the form of a question. Use the boards in place of flash cards, and students can connect to your board anywhere they have Internet access. (Named one of AASL’s Best Sites for Teaching and Learning 2015)
  • FunnelBrain Create quizzes and flashcards or search the database for some that others have created.
  • Go-To-Quiz Create online quizzes with this easy to use tool. Explore quizzes–both serious and fun–created by owthers.
  • HeadMagnet Make, use and share study lists and flashcards.
  • HotPotatoes (download software, online activities) You can have a look the tutorials here.
  • Interactive Word Search Creator Type in (or cut and paste) your key words or text passage, select your desired options and click to produce a professional looking, printable worksheet version of your wordsearch. You can also select other options such as adding a CLOZE passage or word definitions. You can also create an interactive version of the puzzle to use on your whiteboard or to add to your
  • Image Quiz lets you easily grab images off the web (or upload your own) and create quizzes with them. No registration is required to create or take them, and there are quite a few already there. (via @LarryFerlazzo)
  • Kahoot Create and play quizzes, discussions or even surveys (which we call Kahoots) using any device with a web browser… including a laptop, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android, Chromebook, Windows Phone or PC and more.
  • KubbuCreate interactive activities, crosswords and quizzes and share them online.
  • Learning Impulse offers a free tool that will let you create your own interactive games and quizzes. It will keep track of your students’ scores for you, too.
  • MuchoBeets Create and share flashcards.
  • Photopeach is a slideshow presentation tool that allows you to build in quiz questions.
  • ProProfs Create free quizzes, polls and flashcards.
  • Puzzlemaker from Discovery Education helps you reate and print customized word search, criss-cross, math puzzles, and more-using your own word lists. You can’t save the puzzles and link to them – but you could screenshot them (or save the png file it creates) and insert as an image. Alternatively print them out as worksheets.
  • Quizalize lets you deliver instant assessments for personalised learning on any computer, tablet or smartphone. You can create your own assessments, use one that a colleague has shared with you, or pick one from a growing library of public curriculum based quizzes.
  • QuizBean allows you to create quizzes and assess your students’ learning. The basic free version allows you to create only 6 quizzes but you can go unlimited for $10 per month.
  • QuizBox Make a quiz for your blog or website.
  • QuizBuster Create your own quiz game or use one create by others.
  • QuizCreator enables trainers and educators to easily create Flash-based quizzes with images, sounds, narrations and Flash animations for online use and offers flexible results tracking and score reporting toolkit. (Free trial)
  • With QuizCentre, you can create, administer and grade quizzes online. It also provides instant feedback.
  • Quizdini is a free tool for creating online quizzes. The best feature of Quizdini is that you can create explanations of the correct answer for your students to view immediately after trying each question in your quiz. Your explanation can include text and or links to online resources like videos and images. Quizdini quizzes can be created in a traditional linear format or in a matching format that asks students to pair answers to terms. (Free Technology for Teachers blog).
  • QuizEggmake quizzes that can be completed by your students online..You can also upload pictures, spreadsheets, excel or word documents. You can customize the background and make the quiz look more professional. Quizzes are automatically graded for you. All the quiz results are analyzed and aggregated in easy-to-read reports.
  • Quizizz A free multiplayer classroom quiz and review tool. Choose from many already online, or dreate your own.
  • QuizMakerlets you create multiple choice quizzes. You can add pictures or links to your quizzes. When you finish, you simply cut and paste it to your web page.
  • Quiz Operator Create, customize, share and score quizzes in real time.
  • QuizSnack QuizSnack is an to use online poll & survey tool, allowing you to create polls and questionnaires without having to learn complicated software. Also, the reporting is very simple and straightforward, with results being displayed in real-time.You can the looks of your poll and survey widgets, create polls and surveys in any language you wish, embed your quizzes in your website, store your data securely for an indefinite amount of time, export your data as CSV for spreadsheets.
  • Qzzr Create, embed and share your own quizzes on any device.
  • Riddle Can be used for quzzes, polls, lists, and feedback on articles.
  • Socrative View a visual representation of student assessment data quickly and easily with this tool.
  • Sharendipity Sharendipity lets you create custom tools and games for students and teachers to learn, explore, and collaborate.
  • SimpleVLE (Virtual Learning Environment) will help you create classes, design tests, quizzes and/or exams and assign those tests to any of the created classes or students. Students will be able to login and take only the tests, quizzes, or exams that the teacher assigns to them.
  • StudyBlue Create flashcards and study notes. Can be used on mobile phone and imported from Evernote.
  • StudyStack Students and teachers can enter flashcards on the site and then the site automatically generates other activities to help students study. Activities include tests and quizzes, matching, crossword, hangman, etc.
  • Super Teacher Tools offers a variety of review games, classroom management software, and other miscellaneous tools for educators. Home of the Jeopardy Review Game, which is very popular.
  • Testmoz creates simple quizzes, tests, and surveys for you to use with your students. Testmoz will supply you with reports on student progress, which can be used to individualize instruction, for reteaching, and adjusting your lessons. (via @edutech20)
  • Timed Quiz Generator (how many x’s can you name in z minutes type quizzes)
  • That Quiz is an online quiz tool where you can write quizzes and find quizzes that your students can use.
  • YacaPaca Create, share, modify polls and quizzes.
  • YoYoBrain Create and share study notes, flashcards, outlines
  • Word Search Maker Makes those word search puzzles for you! Enter your vocabulary and choose from the options.
  • Zondle Enter information once and it gives you a variety of interactive games to play. View and play those created by others. Embed your games, too.

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