Calendars, Task Management & ToDo List Tools

How would anyone exist and make it on time without calendars and to do lists? Online versions of these tools–and other tools to help organize your professional and personal life–can help to make you more productive, more efficient, and more visible! A wide variety of tools are available for you online!

School Uses

You can link online calendars or embed online calendars into your website. That will allow teachers, students and parents to see your busy schedule and to plan in advance and schedule time to meet. Schools say they use online calendars to:

  • plan themes, displays, stories
  • plan and execute schoolwide events with greater involvement
  • allow teachers to sign up for time in the library media center with classes
  • provide opportunities to schedule collaborative planning time with teachers
  • note project timelines and milestones
  • promote special events to entire school community
  • tie activities into the school calendar of events
  • email calendar of special events to faculty
  • plan and schedule book fair events
  • acknowledge community events
  • recognize faculty birthdays and special events
  • post professional development activities for faculty and library media staff
  • plan and schedule library media rooms for events
  • schedule computer lab use
  • post author and illustrator birthdays and links to related websites
  • post links to “this day in history,” etc.
  • send reminders to self and others about upcoming events and deadlines
  • post assignment deadlines and suggested dates for steps in meeting the deadline
  • create RSS feeds for school and websites
  • embed it in a wiki to plan events and conferences
  • print out schedules for the month, week, day
  • teach about time management, online calendars, etc.

Task and event management tools can be used to promote bookfairs, faculty events and special opportunities for groups in the school. Schools say they use online event management tools to:

  • invite faculty to new titles breakfasts
  • invite clubs to special events
  • keep track of invitations to any event
  • enlist help in bringing snacks and goodies for meetings
  • remind faculty of special events
  • celebrate end-of-testing time
  • set up meetings with colleagues
  • teach students to manage events in their lives

Online to do lists let you manage your day and let others participate in getting things done. Schools say they use online to do lists to

  • get organized
  • stay on track
  • create running lists of things volunteers and student assistants can do
  • identifiy accomplishments for monthly and annual reports
  • share responsibilities with other library media specialists-all can list, all can do and check-off; avoids duplication of efforts
  • create punchlists of things to do, things to pack, things to take, things to create, etc. for each special event for classes and groups; each can contribute ideas to the list; each can do and check off
  • print out lists for the month, week, day
  • record accomplishments
  • create reading lists
  • create view lists
  • create lists of new titles
  • create lists of soon-to-be discarded titles
  • teach students to manage assignments and other to-dos

Online Calendar Tools

  • Yahoo Calendar Customizable, sharing, sync with other tools
  • Google Calendar Sharing, invitations, available on mobile phone
  • 30 Boxes Multiple displays for calendars, to do list, Flickr feeds
  • AOL Calendar Offers subscriptions to holidays, education events, and more.
  • Airset Calendars and other tools to share with multiple groups, public and private, school and family

Task & Event Management Tools

  • Evite Design and send invitations, collect replies, send reminders
  • Sendomatic Create, send and manage invitations, details; ad-free
  • AnyVite Plan events, share ideas, photos, comments
  • My Punchbowl Date selection, save the date message, invitation, checklists and after-event photo sharing
  • Socializr Tools for organizations, invitations, RSS feeds, customizable with photos, videos, music
  • VolunteerSpotsimple and free signup and reminder tool for scheduling parent volunteers, parent-teacher conferences, text proctors, and service-learning projects. Easily handles multi-day events with multiple jobs, shifts and things to bring.
  • Volunteer Scheduler Pro – Online Volunteer Scheduling VSP allows you to fill shifts with ease, reduce administrative costs, and build lasting relationships with volunteers. You can download a free 30-day trial to evaluate the software and see how it will work for your situation.

Project management and team collaboration tools allow more than party or event planning. See the list below.

ToDo List Tools

  • Remember the Milk Sharable task lists, integrates with GoogleCalendar, reminders by phone or email
  • Toodled Powerful to do list organizer, calendar, and more
  • NowDoThis Shows you only one to do at a time. When you finish that one, it shows you the next.


  • Assign-A-Day Designed especially for educators, a free tool designed to enhance teacher and student communication through an online teacher-managed calendar. Features of Assign-A-Day include the ability to create assignments that span multiple dates, make shared calendar to work collaboratively with other educators, duplicate and edit your calendars
  • CalendarFly “,,,uniquely suited for school systems, sports teams, families, and any other organization because it automatically maintains and updates the schedules of teachers, administrators, coaches, parents, and students–making it easy for all of them to connect in real time and real places.”
  • CalendarHub
  • Deadline “…the simplest calendar ever made. You write in plain English, and it will set up a reminder for you. Once your appointments have been entered, you can quickly search through them based on words or dates.”
  • EventSniper
  • HipCal
  • Kiko
  • Meetifyer Lets people schedule meetings, share calendars, find the best times to mee.
  • Spongecell
  • Timashr
  • Trumba
  • Tungle schedule meetings, publish your free/busy schedule and share calendars across companies and platforms. Tungle handles everything from time zones to double bookings, and people you invite to meetings do not have to sign up to reply.
  • zEvents

Project Management & Team Collaboration 

  • Backpack
  • Basecamp
  • CentralDesktop
  • Caloosh easy and efficient way to organise meetings by identifying the earliest possible opportunity for everyone to meet up.
  • DeskAway Project management for a group. Up to 3 projects/5 users free.
  • Doodle
  • DropTask – visual team management.
  • Gantter Microsoft Project for the web. Free.
  • Group Table A web-based software developed specifically to help student groups improve document management, project planning and communication.
  • Intervals
  • Near-time
  • NoKahuna (free for projects with up to 30 tasks)
  • Norada
  • Nutshell
  • OnStage an online workspace, collaboration, and project management tool
  • Pegby is a good website for organizing the tasks that you and or your team need to get done. Pegby is set up like a corkboard with index cards stuck to it. The corkboard has three columns to place your index cards on. A column for things to do, a column for things in progress, and a column for things that are done. (via Free Technology for Teachers)
  • ProjectPlace
  • ShortText
  • SlimTimer
  • SmartSheet Project management, task assignment, spreadsheet, collaboation, discussion: post to the web.
  • Stikipad
  • TeamTexting connects team members and coaches with group text messaging and email, free of charge. Send one email or text message and the entire team receives the message via their phone or e-mail. Reply to all feature, too.
  • TeamWork
  • TaskSquid
  • Thinkature
  • ThinkFree
  • TimeBridge
  • Vyew
  • Wiggio is a collaboration tool designed to make scheduling group meetings easier. Wiggio is also intended to be used as a resource for group planning of projects. Some of the features of Wiggio include a group calendar, a mass messaging system that works with cell phones and email, and a group polling system. For groups that are working on projects together Wiggio offers a shared folder for files and links. (via Free Technology for Teachers)
  • Zimbra
  • ZohoPlanner

To Do Lists

  • Blist Make lists of anything! Search to see lists others have created…for example, a search on web 2.0 resulted in a number of different lists.
  • Checkser
  • Checkvist Online collaborative task list manager and outliner
  • Dial2Do lets you do common tasks by just calling a number and speaking. Use it to send email or text messages, record REMINDERS to help you remember things or even post updates to your TWITTER or JAIKU stream.
  • DoItDoItDone! “A simple tool for creating and managing your todo list – all with a bit of fun and flair.”
  • Doris
  • FlexLists
  • GooTodo
  • GQueues Todo lists from Google. Keep track of all of your lists, no matter where you are. It’s simple to add and re-order items on your lists and you can categorize each queue for extreme organization. Keep your friends in the loop by choosing the queues you want to share with them.
  • iPrioritze
  • IzzyTodo
  • LifeTango
  • ManyMoon Track, share and assign tasks online. Create Private Tasks and Shared Tasks.
  • MonkeyOn
  • Nexty “Nexty is an easy to use To Do list manager created using GTD® principles.” A combination calendar, to do list, and task organizer.
  • Sandglaz Visualize task priorities—get email reminders.
  • Soshiku A little beyond basic to do lists, this one is designed for students. ” Lets students organize their assignments by course, add assignments, and receive text message and or email reminders before each assignment is due. Students can add assignments to their calendars directly on the Soshiku website or via text message.” (via Free Technology for Teachers blog)
  • TeuxDeux ” simple but visually compelling and highly usable to-do app.” Shows 5 days at a time.
  • online todo list and task manager
  • Voo2Do tracks priority, due date, and time estimates for each task
  • Wipee List Simple and easy to use – good for students keeping track of assignments, etc.

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